Our Palm Trimming Method

We use sterilized hand saws instead of machetes.  This palm trimming method thoroughly cleans out the crown, removing all excess plant matter, and rats nests (it’s an instant eviction notice!).  All damaged, old fronds (leaves) are carefully removed.

It is important not to over trim a coconut palm, as this can result in bottlenecking of the trunk, creating a dangerous situation in the future.  We generally leave 10-15 fronds intact to ensure proper photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.

Our clients generally prefer a ‘full trim’ which entails removal of all young coconut growth.  However, people are catching on to the magic health benefits and scrumptious flavor of the coconut, and every year we find ourselves doing more ‘harvest trims’ in which we leave all the young coconuts in the crown to come back for future harvests.  This way, the palm is constantly producing coconuts to harvest and enjoy!