In October, 2005, Founder Dave Elberg was on a 4 month trip in Costa Rica…..

“I was a year and a half out of college and suddenly I found myself working on an organic farm in the jungle of Costa Rica.  I worked long hours in the rain and the sun with locals who spoke no English.  On my days off, I’d hitchhike around the valley, finding waterfalls to jump off and brush up on my Spanish with any Tico (local) who would talk to me.

“Pura Vida!” they would exclaim, as they toasted a glass of wine at dinner. “Pura Vida!”, I’d hear shouted in the distance while we enjoyed a sunset over the ocean. Slowly I came to realize that this mantra, “Pura Vida!” – Pure Life – defined the culture of Costa Rica.  The Ticos I met embodied a deep love and appreciation for the land, the food, and each other.

Flash forward a couple months later and I was whisked away to Maui.  I spent my first days on the island trimming coconut trees, harvesting coconuts and getting cocos to the people!  I observed how much everyone delighted in the magic of the coconut and I was instantly reminded of the Tico’s passion for life and respect for the natural order.  So, when the time came to officially start my business, it took about 5 minutes to decide what the name would be…”

Pure Life Palm and Tree Care was founded in 2006 on the island of Maui. We started off as a team of two; trimming coconut trees exclusively.  11 years later we are a full-service palm and tree trimming, chipping and backhoe service company with a team of eight.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Pure Life Palm and Tree Care Maui History