Our Mission

Our mission is to support Maui’s local economy and ecology through the consistent, careful and deliberate maintenance of its palms and trees.  We strive to create a highly professional work environment where both the clients and employees feel supported and respected.  On the job, we hold safety and proper trimming technique in the highest regard and embody an atmosphere of mindful stewardship of the island.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Maui County and the surrounding islands return to a state of harmony with the land.  We encourage the cultivation and production of coconut trees which provide a fresh source of food, water, and building materials.  We promote the eradication of destructive invasive trees and the reintroduction of native hardwoods and fruit trees without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and GMO’s.   We wish to return the island’s homeostasis.  We believe in a future that honors the synergistic bond between the land and the people.  This union uplifts, inspires and empowers the whole.

Pure Life Palm and Tree Care Maui coconut trees